Sunday, November 13, 2011

Autumn in Old Mystic

Autumn in Old Mystic
Oil on canvas, 10x10,

Cindy/Amy and I had a lovely autumn day in East Greenwich, RI, on Saturday, and I had intended to go right home afterwards, truly I had.

But I had a canvas in the van, and I had my paints, and I saw this autumn scene in beautiful Old Mystic, and I had to stop to paint.

The light was almost gone by the time I finished, and I was stiff with cold. But a day with painting in it is a better day than a day without painting in it. And I love this little gem.

I've reworked our website, including the 100x100 project, and I even have nearly all of the Outer Banks paintings up, too! 

So please check it out, let me know if you have ideas for improvement. And might I suggest that art by a local artist such as yours truly makes a fantastic Christmas or Hanukkah present... 

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