Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Outside Rodanthe

Outside Rodanthe
Oil on canvas, 10x10, $100

Today is Election Day, and I am moved, as I always am, by having the chance to participate, to vote. I do know how geeky this is, but I can't help it. Democracy resonates with me, and as I vote, I think of the line of people who have come before me, over the centuries, to vote, to fight for voting, to die for the right and the principles behind it.

I confess that more than once, the act of voting has brought tears to my eyes.

I have spent the time since I've been home finishing the edges of the paintings I made on my trip, fixing smears and spots that were marred in transition. Nothing major happened, but at the end of a trip, nearly every painting needs something.

The work brings me back to these open skies, and grass-covered dunes, and the sense of standing on the edge of something unseen and exciting. I love that my paintings make that fresh again.

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SLR said...

It's all elevens tomorrow...what a rush.