Saturday, March 10, 2012

Storm Coming In III

Storm Coming In III
Oil on canvas, 10x10,

Thanks for all the good wishes on my tent, upcoming show, etc. And for all you smart-aleks out there, and you know who you are, be glad I got a big tent. When we all go broke together, I'll invite you to live with me and the smelly dogs, in the aforementioned tent.

That tent, my future home, I found out, was NOT due to arrive on Friday (I waited breathlessly all day) but was due to leave the warehouse on Friday. Sigh.

If you are in the area of Gales Ferry, CT, this weekend, stop by for the grand opening of Seasonal Home, a brand new old-and-new store, 6 Hurlbutt Road (great name, eh?) in downtown (hahahaha) Gales Ferry.

One of the partners is a wonderful woman, Barbara Candler, whom I've gotten to know through my bad memory, perpetual lateness and the Groton Library (you can put it together)... The store is really fun, with great deals on interesting antique and vintage stuff, plus new stuff including paintings by ME, and gorgeous jewelry by my friend Maggie Platt.


I had the great delight on Friday to spend time with a lovely woman, Sandra, who follows this blog, and has been an excellent online friend and supporter. She makes these FANTABULOUS well, boxes, for want of another word - but truly, they are celebrations cooked up to look like boxes. The boxes contain other boxes that look like chocolates. You open these and put good wishes, or good thoughts, or reasons why I love you, or whatever you want inside, and give them as gifts. She does other really cool stuff like this, too - and wants to get me involved!

So we are working on a project, and I will update you with photos and notions as we go along. Meantime, take a look at one of these wonderful celebrations:

Cool, huh?? Here's where you put your message, or whatever you want to put! 

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Patrice said...

OMG - I love this painting!!

It's so much fun to read you, too. You are such a fabulous and witty woman. I totally identify with the library/memory clues for making friends... ha ha ha.

I often tell the librarians that for me it's a book rental service. I mean, my fines buy a lot of new stuff - so I expect really good treatment - and I get it!!