Monday, January 7, 2013

You Can Sponsor "To Tubac and Back"!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Here's an invitation, a challenge, an idea that could help us both.

In March, I'll be embarking on "To Tubac and Back," a journey to Arizona to paint, visit my dad and his wife in Tubac, and participate in a show in Scottsdale.

I'm going to try something new this time - offer you all a sponsorship opportunity!
Following the model of a CSA - community-supported agriculture, "To Tubac and Back" will work like this:

For every $100 you donate, you get a 10-inch by 10-inch painting from the trip. These sell for $100 ordinarily, and they sell quickly. Your donation ensures that I paint enough of them that you get one.

For amounts over $100, you get 10-inch by 10-inch paintings and a major discount on a larger painting. Discounts apply to trip and non-trip paintings.

Here are sponsorship levels:
  • $150 - one 10x10 and 5 percent off a larger painting
  • $200 - two 10x10 paintings and 10 percent off a larger painting
  • $300 - three 10x10s and 15 percent off
  • $500 - five 10x10s and 25 percent off 
  • Sponsor  me for $1,000, and you will have five 10x10s and 60 percent off any painting, including a commission, up to 36x60. For that amount I'll also come to your house and make you lunch, or groom your dog, shampoo your rugs, fold your laundry... (well, maybe not shampoo your rugs... but you get it. I'll be very grateful!) 

If you'd rather, each 10x10 can be converted into $50 off a larger painting.

Everyone who sponsors me at $50 or more will have the chance to win a painting of their choice, including a commission, up to 36 by 60 inches. 

I'll also display your names prominently on the blog here (if you want) and on my website.

Selection of paintings will be determined by the order of sponsorship. The first person who sponsors me at $100 or above gets first choice of all the 10x10 paintings from the trip. The second person, second choice, etc.

Why do this? Paintings from my trips tend to sell very well - (check out my first Arizona trip, my Outer Banks and Ocracoke trip (starting in October 2011 with "Outside Hatteras"), and Heather's and my Canada trip (starting in early June 2010, with "On Our Way").

Sponsorship ensures that you get a painting from the trip. It helps me figure out how many canvases to bring, how many paintings to make, and how long a trip I should plan. Knowing that I have guaranteed sales helps ease my mind about the cost of the trip, too.

So why not participate? Just click the "Donate" button below, and you will become a sponsor.  A patron! You'll be helping one of your favorite artists produce stunning new work, you'll be buying a piece for your home or for a gift, and you'll be participating in a fun experiment!

If you have PayPal, that's great. If not, once you click the "donate" button, you can use a credit card.

One note: Donations are NOT tax-deductible.


All the folks pictured here are happy customers with paintings by me! Some of these are commissions, and some are paintings purchased at shows, through the internet, etc.

It makes me incredibly happy to see my paintings in your home - especially with your smiling face in the photo, too. If you'd like, please send me a shot of you and the painting - and a couple sentences about why you love whatever you bought!

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