Thursday, February 28, 2013

Banana Joe - and Tubac and Back!

Banana Joe
Oil on canvas, 12x12, $350

YES, this is Banana Joe, who won the Westminster Kennel Club dog show this year! He is a black dog, and as such, his face is hard to see. But as a blue and green dog, he's not so hard to see!

Sponsors and others have already seen the following, but many of you haven't! Apologies to those of you who have already seen it! 

On March 9, I'll be embarking on "To Tubac and Back," a journey to Arizona to paint, visit my dad and his wife in Tubac, and participate in the Fourth Avenue Street Fair  in Tucson.

I'm gathering sponsors for the trip, following the model of a CSA - community-supported agriculture... and I'm asking for your participation. 
It's a great chance to be part of something fun, and to get original art (and more) in the process.

For any donation of any amount, you become a sponsor, and get a whole raft of fun sponsor benefits (you'll see these in just a moment!), and a chance to win a painting of your choice, including a commission, up to 36x60. You also get to help choose my route!

For $100, you get a 10-inch by 10-inch painting from the trip. These sell for $100 ordinarily, and they sell quickly. Your $100 donation ensures that I paint enough of them that you get one. You also get a chance to win a painting up to 36x60 - And there's MORE (coming... just a moment...)

For amounts over $100, you get the small paintings, discounts on a larger painting, a chance to win the big painting. And there's MORE (moment... moment...)

Discounts apply to trip and non-trip paintings.

Want to donate more than $100? WHEE! Here's what I've cooked up! 
  • For $150 - you get one 10x10 and 5 percent off a larger painting
  • For $200 - you get two 10x10 paintings and 10 percent off a larger painting
  • $300 - three 10x10s and 15 percent off
  • $500 - five 10x10s and 25 percent off 
  • Sponsor  me for $1,000, and you will have five 10x10s and 60 percent off any painting, including a commission, up to 36x60 - or a large painting from the trip, along with several smaller ones. For that amount I'll also come to your house and make you lunch, or groom your dog, shampoo your rugs, fold your laundry... (well, maybe not shampoo your rugs... but you get it. I'll be very grateful!) 
If you'd rather, each 10x10 can be converted into $50 off a larger painting.

I'll also display your names prominently on  my blog, The Accidental Artist (if you want) and on my website, too. 

To sponsor me, click here or on the donate button below!  It's EASY, and fun and you can use PayPal or a credit card, whichever you prefer. 

And thank you! 

OK, here's the AND MORE: 

Sonsors are getting more than art and the chance to win a BIG painting. You're getting SUPER SPECIAL SPONSOR-ONLY REWARDS, INCLUDING:
  • The first look at all my paintings from the trip, via a super-secret, sponsor only blog
  • Special photos, videos and postings For Sponsors Only, on the super-secret blog
  • A postcard or two from the road (email you street address to me
  • A collage, signed by me and suitable for framing, of images from the trip
  • The chance to win a T-shirt that I will paint in (and get paint on) during the trip. It will be an XL or larger, and I PROMISE it will be clean (but painty) when you get it. 
The one disclaimer: Donations are NOT tax-deductible.

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