Monday, July 22, 2013

Madison II - and a Big Box of JoJo

Madison II
Oil on canvas, 20x20
Please contact me for price and delivery options

The Westport show was fun - but hot, hot, hot! I think people don't want to buy art when they are hot, hot, hot. I did OK at the show - and well, if you count selling "October Salt Marsh" to a sweet collector from North Carolina. 

There's little that's more exciting in this life than waking up to find that overnight, a painting has sold. Talk about starting the day on a positive note! 


I WATCHED A WOMAN walking along on Saturday with a little white dog on a leash. The dog was having fun, sniffing and smelling and poking along. The woman wasn't paying much attention to the dog, but was walking slowly, letting the dog do her thing. 

I found myself thinking about dogs and how they trust us. They are at one end of the leash, and we are at the other, and between us is that dog's absolute and unshakeable trust. 

They trust that we will keep them safe. They trust that we will not bring them into harm's way. They trust that we will not take them out on a day that is too hot, pavement that is too scalding, events that are too crowded. Without questioning us, or who we are, or what we are thinking about, they put themselves in our hands and trust that we will treat them well and keep them safe. 


Scenes from the show

This baby Scottie was 11 weeks old and maybe the cutest dog ever! 

There were lots of cool cars in the parking lot behind the show, 
but this genuine (not kit) Cobra was the best! 

My friends Marilyn and Gene Bove came all the way from the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York to visit me at the show. You can actually see Marilyn's pretty face in the photo below! 

This was the scene across the inlet

Here's my booth on the first day. The salt marsh painting on the back wall
 sold to a collector in North Carolina. Yay! 

This guy was part of the entertainment at the show. He would set up his little stand, and then strike artful poses. More than one adult and any number of kids thought he was a real statue! 

Dog of the Day

Who doesn't need a big box of JoJo??? 

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