Saturday, July 6, 2013

October Salt Marsh Revisited - and a Thrilling Sale!

October Salt Marsh
oil on canvas, 36x48

Some of you will recognize this painting as one I've painted before - but I wanted another try at it, and took it on again last month.

The first version, "Light Beneath the Clouds,"  is in Center Framing and Art in West Hartford Center, CT. I really like the original version, but this one has a shine and a bounce that the first one didn't have. The first one, I think, has a darkness and depth that the new one doesn't have - but both paintings work - at least to my eye. 

What do you think? 


ON ANOTHER NOTE, the painting that sold first here at Amagansett was "Beach Houses," the first "minimal" painting I ever made. All day, it and its successor, "Neighbors," drew the largest share of attention in my tent. 

This is so exciting to me, because I am so excited about these paintings! It is just an incredible pleasure to see people responding with the interest and spirit that I feel - and to watch and hear them talk about these paintings, and fill in the spaces with their own ideas, their own emotions. It's great! 

The Amagansett Fine Arts Festival  continues through Sunday, on the lawn at the American Legion Hall at the corner of Abraham's Path and Route 27, just outside of East Hampton, here on Long Island.

Dog of the Day

OK, I know it's not a dog. But sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

This cat belongs to Cam Chapman, a photographer who specializes in lighthouses. You can see some of his work by clicking here. 

I met Cam at the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival, soon after he had left his regular job, sold everything he owned, and bought a motor home. His plan was to tour the country, doing art shows - and lo and behold, he has. 

Along with the motor coach, he has a big trailer, that holds not only his tent and luscious photographs, but also a motorcycle that he uses to get around while he's doing shows. The cat has a great time, Cam says, even if he does sit in the window and bellow. 

Several of you responded to my plea and send DOD candidates, so, YAY! Want your pet to be the Dog of the Day? Send a jpg to me at


AS ALWAYS, THANK YOU all so much for reading, for supporting me spiritually and financially, for cheering me on - for being there. I appreciate each and every one of you. 

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