Thursday, July 4, 2013

Franklin - and the Land of the Free

Oil on canvas, 12x12

Franklin! Can't you tell he's a devil of a dog? I have not met him in person, but I'd bet my bottom dollar that he is more than a handful. I really love this painting!

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THE AMAGANSETT FINE ARTS FESTIVAL starts on Friday and I am pretty excited about it. I have really great new work to show, the festival is in a pretty place, and this area is loaded with people. It makes driving a nightmare, but is great if you're in an art festival.

I don't know what my booth number will be, but the show is small, on the grounds of the American Legion Hall, and I think it will be easy to find me.

Want more info? Click here.


ON THIS FOURTH OF JULY, I find I am glad to be an American. While I do wish that as a country we were a little more free, and a little more brave, I celebrate the freedoms that I have, and the bravery that I can muster to address and use those freedoms.


Dog of the Day

Having no new Dog of the Day candidates, I offer up Jojo! 
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