Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Harvest Home - and an Anniversary Surprise!

Harvest Home
Oil on canvas, 6x12

Oh, my, another crappy show. I came close to making the booth fee this time, though. 

But I must remind myself that not all the sales come during the shows for me. I've gotten a nice and exciting commission from the Wilmington show, and have hopes for another. And several people in Leesburg seemed serious about commissions, so I will contact them and get the ball rolling. 

An exciting thing about one of my sales is that the buyer was the son of John Cullen Murphy, one of the men who drew the comic strip "Prince Valiant." And the buyer's godfather was Mort Walker, who drew "Beetle Bailey" and "Hi and Lois." So that was very exciting for me. 

I met lots of nice people, who liked my work but just weren't ready to buy. This is always disappointing, but I have faith. I do believe I am making interesting paintings, different from the norm, fresh and full of energy. And they are selling, just not necessarily as I expect, or how I expect, or where I expect. 

And that is OK. 


AFTER A SHOW in Frederick, MD, earlier this year, I got a call from a man who wanted a sunflower painting on a bifold door. He and his wife had seen one of my paintings like this at the show, but someone else had bought it before they could. 

We talked about sizes and shapes, prices and colors, and had fun kicking ideas around. The whole thing was to be a surprise for Anthony's wife, on their 14th wedding anniversary. 

I finished the painting, they came to the show, and we had a wonderful celebration in my tent. Here are photos: 

The painting itself and that he had planned it and made it happen brought tears to her eyes. 

They look pretty happy, looking at their painting...

... and here they are, in front of their piece. They said they were as pleased as could be! 
I love being part of a surprise. Want to see another? Click here


I always wondered how Google Maps got its photos, and on my way to Leesburg, I found out... Or at least, I found out how the Street View photos are taken. 
I know some people believe that Google is stealing our info while they are doing this - and I don't know if they are or are not. But I do know that this rolling photo-car is pretty cool! 

Ran into some traffic on Route 13...

Dogs of the Day
I met these guys at the Leesburg show. They looked like BIG dogs with SHORT legs - and in fact, their owner says she believes that's just what they are. 
The closer one, she says, is an Australian shepherd/basset hound mix, and the red one doing tricks is a golden Lab/corgi mix. They were really cool dogs! 

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