Monday, September 23, 2013

The Way of All Earth - and Something New

The Way of All Earth
Oil on canvas

I am trying something new today - putting paintings up on Daily Paintworks, a showcase and auction site devoted to two-dimensional art.

As usual, with me and the internet and new stuff, it's never quite as easy as it seems. Took me much of the past couple days to get to a point where I understand (I think) what is going on...

I've been pricing my 10x10 paintings at $100, and they have been selling so quickly that I have been running out. So the auctions offer me a chance to reach more people, and to test the $100 price. Also, I am curious to see how this will work.

p.s., the beautiful red/brown stuff in this painting is sorghum.


EVEN IF YOU'RE not interested in bidding, the site I am using - Daily Paintworks - is pretty fascinating, and worth a look. It showcases art from people from all over the world.

I found it in a way I think I should share with you all. Jason Horejs owns Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. He is an interesting and active gallery owner, who publishes a great monthly catalog of art; has an active website; has written an interesting book, "Starving to Successful," to help artists understand galleries better; and does regular art- and gallery-related podcasts.

Over the years, he has been approached by many artists, asking if he would act as a mentor, to help them launch or grow their careers. He decided to offer a free mentorship to an artist, and invite everyone who applied to watch the podcasts.

I applied, and of the 500 or so who did, was nearly chosen for the mentorship. Nearly!

Carolee Clark, who was chosen, makes colorful and fun paintings, and sells them on this auction site, which is how I found it. I've been watching podcasts Jason has done with her, and learning a lot from them.

Dog of the Day

Don't know this dog's name, but he lives at the corner of Main and Pearl streets, here in town. He's always riding in the back of this truck, usually standing on top of the boxes and crates the guy has in the back. He is leashed and chained, and while a part of me worries that he will fall off a box and get killed, the other part of me says he's been doing this for years, and the guy probably doesn't take him out of town, anyways. But this dog sure does have fun here in Wachapreague!  

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