Sunday, November 3, 2013

Colors of the Spirit - and Time, Time, Time

Colors of the Spirit
Oil on canvas, 10x10

On this first day of Standard Time - as opposed to Daylight Saving Time - I ended up waking at a reasonable time, 5:30, instead of the ultra-stupid 4:30 that I really didn't want as my waking time. Of course, the times were the same times, but the change made me feel a little better about it, a little less anguished. 

For all the people like me, who wake at the crack of dawn or before, the shift to standard time should be good. And it is. I love that dawn will come earlier, that I can get painting earlier, that the morning will not be as dark for as long. 

But I recognize that I'm in the minority. As much as I appreciate the morning light, I'd be a happier person if we could just keep Daylight Saving Time all year. 

We aren't really an agrarian society any more, so we don't really need that morning light. Yes, school starts early, but there would be few days in which kids would be waiting for the bus in the dark.  Sure, in northern Maine and northern New York, there would be more - but not that many more. Arizona doesn't do this time change stuff. Alaska doesn't. In Canada, Saskatchewan doesn't. China doesn't. 

It's bad enough that our daylight hours are cut by the very facts of planetary rotation. Is it really necessary to have sunset come at 5 p.m.? Even I, who loves the dawn, would gladly give it up for another hour of evening light. 


THE TITLE of today's painting comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson: 

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit." 

HERE'S SATURDAY'S sunset, across the field behind our home in Wachapreague. 

Dog of the Day

Yes, OK, it's the same kitten. But she was so cute! And today, her new owner came by and took her off to her new life. Phyllis was supposed to come and get the kitty on Monday, but just couldn't wait. She got the OK from the hotel owner, and that was that. It made my heart glad to know that the new kitty's mama was so excited to get her. And yes, I must admit, I fell a little in love with the little thing. 

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shea said...

I hate the time changing. why can't they decide on a time and keep it that way? Life is too confusing and this only adds more confusion to it.