Friday, November 8, 2013

Dream Away

Dream Away
Oil on canvas, 10x10

Sometimes, I paint a scene because it is so beautiful, so breathtaking, that it demands to be painted. "Miss You Already, Lou Reed" was one of those. It was just a field that Peter and I drove by late on October afternoon, when the light was round and rich and warm, and it lighted up the field and its white shell driveway. I made him stop, and I looked hard so I could remember, and took a photo - which never really captures the saturated colors that so often call to me. Two days later, before the October light truly left, I went back and painted.

And then there are the scenes that intrigue me because they capture my imagination. This little houseboat is one of those.

For years, I've pestered Peter to sell all our stuff and live in either an RV or a houseboat. He has, intelligently, pointed out that we have six dogs and two cats, and so either situation would be pretty nightmarish.

And he's right. Beyond the dogs, though, my husband wants to have a home that's attached to the ground. He wants roots - and he knows that without them, I wouldn't do well, either.

But wouldn't it be fun to have a houseboat as a weekend getaway place? As a camp. I'm sure that's what this one is used for.

The houseboat, in Willis Wharf, just down the road.

THESE DUCKS or geese or whatever they are are always hanging around Willis Wharf. Click here to see a YouTube video of these quackers carefully making their way across the mud flats. 

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                                            Dog of the Day

This is Nia McLoughlin's happy girl, comfy on her bed in a patch of November sunlight. 

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really like this one, rip lou reed