Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Through the River (Again) - and a Storytelling Extravaganza

Through the River
Oil on black canvas, 24x36

Yes, I have painted this before - but not on black! I love these four horsemen splashing into the water, with their heads low and lariats high. I really love it on the black canvas, which I think adds to the drama and the movement of the piece. If you click on it to make it big, you might see the smallest splashes of water, which I'm very pleased about. They came out great!

So yes, the urge to paint cowboys continues - and it makes me smile every time I see or start one of these paintings.

THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 20, at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT, my brother - Rand Cooper - will participate in a series called The MOuTH, (which by the spelling, I think must be sort of akin to the Moth Radio Series)... storytellers at the Mark Twain House will be sharing their tales of interactions with famous people.

Here's what Rand wrote in an email invite: "The theme of the evening is 'brushes with fame/the famous,' and I am going to be telling the audacious, incredible, impossible but TRUE story of how I once had this woman ..."

..."on my waterbed, live, in the flesh and giggling. And yes, it is who you think it is..."

Heck, I didn't even know Rand had a waterbed.

It sounds fun, doesn't it? The cost to get in is $5, and it promises an evening of fun entertainment. If I was going to be in that part of the world, I'd be there for sure.

Click here for more info, about the program and the Mark Twain House and museum. 

THE SHOW in New Milford was a success, and I couldn't be happier! I sold one small painting, of a storm near Tubac, and then my newest piece, "Long, Long Longhorn," sold to a delightful couple who were just in love with it.

It is always great when a painting sells, and I am always happy to see one of my pieces get a new home. But when a buyer is just absolutely head over heels over a painting, as crazy about it as I am, it makes it all that much more special.

Here's a picture of the new owners:

ON MONDAY, my friend Kevin Ireton and I worked on renovating my van. Well, he did the hard work, and I did the lackeying. The renovation has given me an astonishing amount of extra space, and created far better holding areas than I have ever had. Here are some photos: 

 Above and below, the van as it was (empty and packed) before the renovation. 

Above,, you see a cubby on the left for tent pieces that never quite fit underneath... An upright to store paintings securely, and a slot where I can put wet paintings to dry safely. 

Above, a second upright, and then, below, a shelf that attaches to that upright. 

And here is the renovated van, all packed - and with lots of room to spare! If you'd like to talk to Kevin about renovating your van, please email me and I'll get you in touch with him. 

Dog of the Day
It's George, Cynthia and Kevin's dog... Just out of the photo Zack, their other dog, is eating his breakfast... I thought George looked guilty, but Cynthia said she thought he was trying to make her feel guilty enough to give him a second breakfast. In retrospect, I think she's right. 

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