Friday, July 25, 2014

Lighthouse Inn - and So Glad to Be Home!

Lighthouse Inn
Oil on canvas, 10x10

While I was in New England last week, I found myself with an unexpected free day. It was the middle of the week, the weather was iffy at best, and so I thought it would be a pretty safe time to head to Cape Cod. 

I've never been there in the summer, and it was far more crowded than in the fall, when I've usually made my treks there, but it was OK. I got a very cheap hotel, woke before dawn and got out before most of the other tourists were awake. 

I made this painting in West Dennis, between rain showers. I set up in a beach parking lot, and while I painted, I was the only one there. When I left, there was a kid sitting at the entryway. He told me there was no way I'd be allowed back in. The lot was for residents only. 

"Even though it's a rainy day and there's no one here?" I asked.

"My supervisor checks," he said. 

Here's my painting in the landscape


SARA HARLEY, WHO designed, edited and produced my "California Calling" book, also is responsible for the PAWS for Charity books, which display animal art by photographers and painters from around the world. Proceeds from sales of the books go to support shelters in Nova Scotia, where Sara lives.

I've participated for a few years, and have always loved it. The books are beautiful, and the cause is one very close to my heart. Blurb, which Sara uses to create the books, invited her to talk about her books for a video Blurb was making. Click here to reach Sara's blog, where you can find her video, as well as Q&As from the artists involved in the newest PAWS project, including yours truly. 

And to reach the Blurb page where you can see and buy my book, produced by Sara and showcasing art from my most recent painting trip, click here. 


My friend Tiffany went painting with her mother recently at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT. It was a free day for plein-air painters, and Tiffany - who has done some painting - tried plein air for the first time. She said she loved it! Here is her painting in the landscape. 

My friend Candy also went to the museum, with her sister Laura. Here they are with their paintings! 

I love to see people taking painting into their lives. It makes me so very happy. I really really like all three of these paintings, and I congratulate Tiffany and her mom, and Candy and Laura on their courage, their vision and their paintings! Way to go! 

Dog of the Day

IT IS ALWAYS great to come home after shows, always. And though this trip was only 12 days, and the shows were fun and profitable, and the weather was not too hot, in spite of all this, those 12 days felt like forever.

But I'm home now, with my dear husband and our many dogs. Here are two of them, scruffy and in need of haircuts and shampoos - but happy to be on their bed, together, in the living room with everyone, including me!

And here's Peter, who still makes me laugh, after 26 years of marriage.


Sara said...

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to you Carrie...for generously providing the use of your images for the Paws For Charity books!

carrie jacobson said...

You are more than welcome. I'm honored to be included, Sara, truly. And the book is just marvelous. And it's raised good $$, too!