Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blue Shadows - and More Thoughts about Landscapes

Blue Shadows
Oil on canvas, 10x10

My blog posts automatically on my Carrie Jacobson, artist, Facebook page and on my own personal Facebook page, but I often post paintings I've just done, or paintings in progress on those pages, as well. This little painting sold on FB in about 5 minutes. And it got more likes and more comments than anything I've ever posted in all my years on FB. That's counting Patch!

I asked people why they were so drawn to this painting, and the answers included

"vibrant colors"
"It reminds me of when we were in England and the wood's floor was covered in bluebells"
"contrast, sense of depth, diagonals in composition"
"the play of light and darkness behind the trees"
"the light is beautiful, evocative and realistic and the depth you've created with that light is very dramatic and compelling."
"it's magical"

So yes, in the face of my recent musings about landscapes and their place in my life and in contemporary art in general, I am still painting landscapes - and I always will. My challenge now is to recognize the landscapes that have that magical quality, and then paint them in a way that captures that magic - and do it all while avoiding the dreaded "pretty."

I'd love to hear any thoughts you have about why this painting works for you - or doesn't!


FOR THE FIRST step down this new-ish path, I'm making this little landscape into a big one -  and I will have it at my next show, the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival,  Aug. 9 and 10, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in Mystic, CT.

You will find me at the corner of Main and Willow, across from the post office, and near the bagel place. Or for those of you who grew up there, on the corner where Sandy's used to be. (I'm right about that, yes? Before the bead place, didn't Sandy's have that spot in Mystic?)

Here's the little painting made big, in process on the easel:

Dog of the Day

MEET KAJA, DOG about town here in Wachapreague. Every day, her humans walk and run her about 5 miles. They often go by our house, with the humans either jogging or on a big three-wheeled bike. Our dogs gather at the window and bark like lunatics at her, and as soon as she hears them, she puts her nose up in the air - literally! - and trots by without giving them a glance, as if she is just so far above them, they don't deserve even a whiff of her attention. When we all met at the post office the other day, her humans told me they've noticed this, too, and laughed.

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