Monday, March 23, 2015

Woodreau - and a Grand Project

Oil on canvas, 12x12

I made this painting of Woody for Sara Harley's Paws for Charity magazine, and then, in the rush and tumble of getting ready for the Origins Painting Trip, forgot to send it to her. Sigh. 

But the mag is GREAT even without Woodreau! Here's a link to Blurb, where you can see it, and order it, too. It looks like a wonderful book, rich with paintings, photographs and stories about the animals we love, and who love us back. 

Sara Harley lives in Canada, and has created Paws for Charity publications for many years. She also created the California Calling Painting Extravaganza book, and is making a book of the Origins Painting Trip. She's an excellent photographer with an active and engaging blog - Nova Scotia Postcards - and a truly gifted publisher. 

If you want a portrait of your pet, or you know someone who does, please contact me! Prices begin at $350 for the 12x12 size. 


It's cold here, and an icy wind is blowing, but in the sunny shelter of the house, 
the daffodils are blooming as though it really felt like spring! 

Dog of the Day

I think the truck cap is this guy's doghouse..

A final thought

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
 it is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston Churchill

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Sara said...

Ahhh....thanks so much for the shout out Carrie! I'm so happy that you have been involved with the Paws For Charity Project for so many years. You are a true inspiration for me!