Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dancing Dogwood - Dancing Dog

Dancing Dogwood
Oil on canvas, 10x10, $100

In the warm places here in the South, the grass is already thick, dark green. Slivers of leaves are starting to show, and in the deep shadows of the forest, dogwoods shine like light. 

In town, the daffodils have passed. Camellias drop their ruby blossoms onto the grass and the bright-white candy tuft. Azaleas are starting to burst all over, and inland, they pile in mounds of pure brilliance. And at home, our dogwood unfurls above the bank of brightening red and fuschia, a spring dance that fills me with joy. 

Dog of the Day
When I was in South Carolina early in April, the family in the cabin across from me found this dog. The two kids named her Koa, after the KOA campground where we were staying. 

The pup was just adorable - and of course, a total handful, the way puppies are. They had found her in the road outside of the campground, and the campground owners put up signs, and the family went door to door along the road, but no owner showed up. 

We all sort of fell in love with Koa, who was an energetic, funny, sweet and full of what a friend used to call "puppy brain," that manic, fanatical impulse-driven thinking that puppies have. But the family had to go to Atlanta to visit a friend, and couldn't take Koa with them. They left her with the campground owners, not at all sure that they would come back for her. 

But on Sunday, they did, and I rejoiced! A good dog story with the best ending of all. 

A final thought

"Go not to the object; let the object come to you."

- Henry David Thoreau

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