Wednesday, July 22, 2015

George - and Good Times in Ann Arbor

Oil on canvas, 20x20, sold

In my summer of experiments, the Summer Art Festival in Ann Arbor was one of the biggies. 

It's one of the top shows in the country, and also one of the largest, if not THE largest. It's actually four shows that take place at the same time in roughly the same part of Ann Arbor. It's big, sprawling, long, difficult to do and comprehend - and wonderful. 

I set out on Monday, after a nice show in Wickford, RI, and headed for Michigan. I had to be there by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, my allotted set-up time. 

I got there early, and was allowed to set up early, which was good, since a series of downpours soaked me and also halted progress several times. I had a bad case of nerves on the way to the show, but sweating, getting soaked and setting up the tent was all so familiar, it eased me.                                                                                                                                                               The show started on Wednesday, and ran through Saturday. It was 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, except for Saturday, when it closed at 6 p.m. So that's a long show. A long, long, long show. But it gives people time to walk the whole thing, and time to go after work, and time to see and consider and then return. It works, but my goodness, it's exhausting, especially if you're in the tent alone. 

I had some great sales, and met some really wonderful people. I felt honored that they liked and bought my paintings, and were welcoming and supportive. 

AT ONE POINT, late on one of the days, I was feeling tired and a little grumpy. I was focusing on something on one of the walls, when a male voice said, "Well, I don't like anything in this tent!" 
"Then get out of my booth," I said, mostly laughing, but a little cranky, too. 
Then I turned around and saw Barb Cuson, and then recognized her husband, Ted, the snarky fair-goer. It was so great! 

I met the Cusons in Arizona, where they bought a painting from me. They've collected several more, and I had the good fortune to be hired by their daughter to give a workshop to Barb, who is a good palette-knife painter, intent on improving. 

They have a home in Michigan, a couple hours from the show, and came to see it, and to say hello. They made my day! 

Dog of the Day
I met this little puppy at the show in Richmond, VA. He was as sweet as could be - and deaf! His foster mom said he was learning hand signals very well. 

A Final Thought

"A painting is never finished - it simply stops in interesting places." 

- Paul Gardner


Unknown said...

It was great to meet you! I'm really enjoying your painting and have already found a spot in the sunroom for it!

Unknown said...

Enjoyed getting to meet you, have your piece on wall!