Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good Day Sunshine

Good Day Sunshine
Oil on black canvas, 30x40

Earlier in the year, I came to the conclusion that I must - must! - make paintings that are bolder, brighter, and even bigger than I've been making. And so, I am on my way. 

When you visit my tent this summer, you'll see fewer paintings on the walls. The colors will be more vivid. The images will be larger. 

 I'm going to concentrate on canvases that are 40x40, 40x60 and 20x60. I will have some 10x10s, and I believe I will have a small bin of paintings on panels and perhaps on paper, or canvas paper. But that's it. 

I will have to get my thick skin on, and be ready and willing to sit there and wait for the buyers to come along. There will be shows when I sell nothing. But that's OK. There are always shows where I sell nothing. My point in this will be to sell bigger paintings for bigger prices, and to stand out from the rest of the people at the shows. 

When I make smaller pieces - and I'm sure I will - they'll be available from me on line, and in some of my galleries. And I will always be happy to make smaller pieces on commission. 

So what do you think? Good idea? Bad one? Am I shooting myself in the foot? I'm interested in any and all feedback. 
The other day, it was warm enough, even late in the afternoon, to hang laundry on the line. I did have to put it in the dryer for a few moments, but if it had had 30 more minutes on the line, it would have dried! Amazing. 

Dog of the Day 
It's Koko, sitting pretty in the studio. Most days, she's still too much of a puppy to be a good studio dog. But every now and then, she has a spell of calmness and sits or sleeps out there. 

A Final Thought

"There is no 'must' in art, because art is free." 
-Wassily Kandinsky


Unknown said...

Carrie - My opinion is follow your feelings and go for it. Now this one I'd buy, it's AMAZING but then again I love BRIGHT COLORS with oils. I think you should follow your feelings and do it - go huge and colorful they are so ALIVE with this bold color and cuts. I say go for it, if it doesn't work - you will know what to do. Tell me when at Wickford, if this one still around I may just grab it.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks so much, Pam, for the comment and the support. You're right - if the new approach works, I'll know it - and vice versa.