Saturday, December 5, 2015

Small Fall - and the Art Stroll

Small Fall
Oil on black canvas, 6x6

On the second Friday of very month, the town of Onancock (that's the Big City, when you live in Wachapreague) has an Art Walk. All the galleries in town are open late, artist studios are open late, and many shops are open late, too.

This month, Jack Richardson, a talented and well-known painter who owns the Jack Richardson Gallery, is featuring my art. Yay!

If you're in the area, I hope you will stop in and see the gallery, meet Jack and check out my new paintings in real life. The Walk runs from 5-8 p.m.

I happened to be behind a Peter Pan bus a while ago, 
and had to wonder - Just what is Mr. Pan doing? 
Love to hear your thoughts! 

Dog of the Day
It's Koko, waiting at the studio door. She's still not a great studio dog, but 
she's beginning to get the idea. She and Abby like it best 
when I have both doors open, and they can include the studio 
on their racing laps through the yard. 

A Final Thought

"An artist cannot fail. It is a success to be one."
- Charles Horton Cooley


Unknown said...

Just gorgeous! Your work is somehow looser? Freer? Not sure of the right words, but I love it! And it looks like Peter Pan is caught in mid-move, doing the cha-cha! But why does he have a light in his armpit?
Koko is a doll - so glad she is enjoying her new home, and you she!
Congrats and best of luck for the Art Walk - sounds wonderful! Lucky are they who wake up with one of your works under their tree on Christmas Day!
All the best to you and yours for the holidays!

carrie jacobson said...

Thank you, Ellen! For all your kind words and support now and throughout the year. One of the very fine things about 2015 has been having you in my life. You've been such a great source of hope and inspiration and support. Thank you.

I hope your holiday season is going well. It must be great to be in New York over the holidays! One Christmas, my mom took all three of us to NYC. We stayed in some fancy hotel, saw lots of lights, shopped, ate at cool, interesting restaurants and had a great time.

Unknown said...

Carrie it's been a great honor meeting you and sharing your journey. I think also your art has become a lot more heartfelt maybe, it's very deep and colorful I so love have grown so much and I love it ALL! This new one of the flowers, small one, is just stunning and showing at the gallery, that is awesome, congratulations. Your art should be on display, it's so soulful and heartfelt. I share you as much as I can with friends, and they too love your work. Good holidays to you Carrie - thank you for carrying me through a rough year with your beautiful paintings and words. Peace.