Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tennessee Mountain Home

Tennessee Mountain Home
Oil on black canvas, 36x36
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In real life, you can see more clearly several receding banks of mountains in the background of this painting. I've tried six or seven photographs and so far, none has captured the boundaries/nonboundaries between them. 

It's sort of a problem with the kind of art I've been making. I've been working to abstract the landscape a little, to break it a bit more into pieces, and meld one level into the next. I do believe that we are all connected, and this way of painting is a way of telling that story - at least in my hopeful mind, it is! 

This painting is a departure for me on other levels, too. What is that person doing there? Going home? Looking back? Simply walking the dog? I have my own story, and would be interested to hear if the painting conjures stories in any of your hearts.

FOR THE PAST couple months, I've been posting my paintings large on this blog. Do you like them large? Did you prefer them smaller? 

Dog of the Day

My friend Galen got a new puppy! Xena's parents were muttleys. Buster, above, is OK with the puppy, though you can tell who owns the dog quilt...

A Final Thought

"The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel."
- Piet Mondrian

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