Friday, March 18, 2016

The Red Bandana

"The Red Bandana, "36x36
Oil on black canvas with gold leaf

I'm hoping people love these Pony Express painting, and that they buy them, because I'm loving painting them. I'm enjoying experimenting with perspective a little, bringing the horse to the front, putting the cowboy to the back a little, and stretching him by making his head smaller than it might be. Peter's not crazy about the gold leaf, and is worried that I might use it too much - but I am enjoying it, and hoping that I will know when enough is enough. 


AS I WRITE this, the puppies are curled up together at my feet. Lulu is actually resting ON my foot, and Doc is curled up with her, licking her ear. I admit, I was not completely sure about adopting not one, but TWO more dogs. But I'm so very happy that we did. These two really, truly need each other. They sleep on each other, play with each other, watch each other - and clearly, learn from each other. 

My dad is Donald Cooper... I stopped to take the photo of the Serva-Teria 
and noticed that across the street was Cooper Tires! 

Dog of the Day 
This guy was snoozing in the sun in Tubac.

A Final Thought

"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing." 
- Salvador Dali

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