Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Blue Evening

Blue Evening
Oil on canvas, 24x36

Between my recent show in Northampton, MA, and my show in Roanoke, VA, I got sick. Felt it coming on, in my nose first, then my throat, then, as I was driving from Rhode Island to Roanoke, I felt it grabbing hold of me and digging in. Ugh. I got sicker and sicker, the closer I came to Roanoke. It was a long drive - and I think it was a beautiful drive, too, though most of the time, I was concentrating too hard to notice. 

The thing I did notice was the afternoon slipping into evening, the light slipping into shadow, and the brilliance of the day's sunshine slipping into soft shades of blue and purple. I held the image with me through an encounter with a bad hotel and a move to a new one, through a hot set-up in Roanoke, through the show, through my sickness and the heat and the sweat and the happy sales, and when I got home, I painted this. 

I was short on canvases, and painted it over a painting of people skiing. The skiing piece was one I'd always liked, but it had never sold, and so I sacrificed it to "Blue Evening." It makes an even more interesting surface than usual! 

This piece sold so quickly because it went out in an early email to my patrons. That's one of the advantages of my burgeoning patron program - you get to see the pieces before everyone else! There are other rewards, too, in addition to knowing that you're helping me live my dream. To check it out, visit the Patronage Plan page on my website, Jacobson Arts, or click here. 

Dog of the Day

Here's Daisy, an old girl who visited me at the show in Tubac. A word to you dog owners out there... It's probably too hot to take your dog to an art show this summer. It's a mistake I've made, and I will never forget my dear Gus practically keeling over from the heat at an art show I thought he'd enjoy attending. Here's a poster from National Safety Inc.

A Final Thought

"Art is making something out of nothing, and selling it." 

- Frank Zappa

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