Wednesday, October 3, 2018

From White Sands to Red Earth

White Sands / 10x10 /  sold

It's Wednesday, and I'm in Tubac, AZ, where my dad and stepmother live. My brother and sister came out, and we celebrated Dad's 90th birthday at a very fun party on Saturday evening. Laurie has gone back to Connecticut, and Rand and I leave in a couple hours, him for Connecticut and me for Utah. 
I'm so excited about seeing the red mountains, the spires, the big open sky, and painting there! I'll post my paintings here on the blog, on my website - Jacobson Arts - and on Facebook - (                                                                                                  Just FYI, because of the vagaries of blog publishing and emailing, the paintings will probably appear here last. 
When you see the one you want, email me at, message me via Facebook, or text or call me at 860-442-0246. First one to offer to buy the painting gets it. The paintings will be priced lower while I am on the trip than they will be when I get home. And they will run from about $35 to about $500. 

I've never tried to sell more or less live, on the road, so this is an experiment for me, too! If you have ideas as we go along about how to make the process more efficient, more fun, more enjoyable, please let me know. 

Thoughts from the Road

I LOVE LOOKING at the landscape, the towns, the cities, the signs, as I travel and thinking about what kind of people live in these places, and how they view their lives and environment. 
I like "Will Rogers World Airport." It could have been "International Airport," 
but Oklahoma City chose "World." 

Below, Daylight Donuts in Atkins, Arkansas, where - thank heavens! - you can get expresso.

Turning 90

Above, there's Dad in the pink shirt, listening to my brother give a little speech, below right. Below left, Paula, my stepmother. 

Dog of the Day

It's Tanner, who lives with friends and collectors here in Arizona. 
He's a great dog, and usually walks around with a toy in his mouth. Adorable! 

A Final Thought

"The idea is more important than the object." 

- Damien Hirst

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