Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hurricane, Utah

Outside Hurricane, Utah
Oil on canvas, 18x18, road price $300

I left Kanab on a rainy morning, and headed north toward Cedar Breaks National Monument.

As I drove, the road began to climb and the temperature began to drop. I knew that Cedar Breaks was above 10,000 feet - but it was 42 degrees. I would be OK. This rain would not become snow.

I was so very wrong.

Not only did it become snow, it became a raging blizzard, snowing so heavily that I could barely see. It piled up on the trees, the volcanic rocks that oddly are found at Cedar Breaks. It piled up on the road, my windshield, even on the signs warning me that I was about to start a sinewy, 10-mile downhill with grades running from 4 percent to 8 percent.

I gritted my teeth, went slowly and made it to Cedar City, where I stayed for three nights, until the snowstorm cleared the mountains. All the roads I wanted to travel went above 10,000 feet - and at those elevations, even in October, it was snowing like crazy.

One of the days, I ventured along a flat, low highway to St. George, where it was sunny and in the 50s. Just off the road, I made this painting, and enjoyed every warm, sunshine-filled moment of it.

Before the Storm
Before the Storm / 10x10 / Road price $110

I made this one on the road toward Cedar Breaks. It was raining and snowing and icing so heavily, though, that I had to finish it afterwards. I didn't get photos of this snow - I was too busy gripping the wheel.

If you want to buy either of these, please email me at, or text me at 860-442-0246. To see more paintings from my Utah trip, please check the Utah Painting Trip page on the Jacobson Arts website

Dog of the Day

It's Lily! 

A Final Thought
"It was an ever clearer and deeply moving experience of oneness with the spirit of the whole land. It was this spirit which dictated, guided and instructed us how the land should be painted."

- Lawren Harris

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