Monday, September 21, 2020


Flicker / Oil on black canvas / 5x7 / $68, including shipping!

this bird has flown! 

TODAY WAS A BUSY DAY in Wachapreague. Dredging that has gone on for months has finished, and today, cranes and flatbed trucks showed up to haul the dredging equipment and pipes away. 

This excitement was amplified by the fact of an extremely high tide, which washed over the marsh, and over Atlantic Avenue, and over the docks. The dredging-exit men ended up standing in water pretty much the whole time they were working. 

My friend Carol is visiting again, and we were watching for the high tide. Lots of folks in town were. People were out walking and driving, looking at the water being where it shouldn't be. 

Peter and I always went out to see this stuff, and he would have loved today's sights especially. 

The photograph above is actually from Sunday. The tide was so high it covered the dock! 
Below, the dredging operation 

A Last Thought 

"The great tides and currents which engulf the rest of men 
do not turn aside in their course and pass the judges by." 

- Benjamin Cardozo

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