Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Bluebird with a Blueberry

Bluebird with a Blueberry / Oil on black canvas / 5x7 / $68 including shipping


A COUPLE OF MY DAFFODILS have bloomed - and I celebrate this today, but the process has been excruciating. I've watched them every day, sometimes, it feels like every minute, waiting for the green to turn to yellow. Finally, today, it happened. 

I feel eager for so much. Impatient. I am the watched pot, or maybe I am the watcher. Either way, it's a journey of degrees. Inches. Moments.

And all of it goes against what I'm trying to learn in this time of Lent - to live, balanced and complete in this moment. 

I can't stop myself from imagining, from waiting for the end of the covid, of the isolation, the imposed solitariness. The presence of my family in my visual and tangible life, after more than a year. 

I'm waiting for the wind to warm, for vegetables to be bright and fresh, for fruit to be sweet and juicy and cheap and plentiful. I'm watching for the perennials to start poking their heads through the weedy mulch, promising color after all these drab days of winter. 

I am impatient, yearning, hardly able to contain myself. Aren't we all? 


"One never learns by success." 

-Josephine Preston Peabody

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