Friday, March 19, 2021

The Marsh in Spring

The Marsh in Spring / Oil on black canvas/ 11x14/ $250 plus shipping
Please email me at if you'd like to buy this painting! 

IN PART OF "THE ROAD IN," yesterday's entry here on the blog, I found myself using long strokes, full of paint, rather than the short, choppy, juddering strokes I usually use - and it felt like a new world was opening up for me. 

I think that the more kinds of strokes I master and can use in any painting, the more colors I actually learn and know, the more potential my paintings have to be interesting, expressive, reflective.

 I've used long, swirly strokes in the skies for a while, but never, as far as I can remember, for the ground. Making the long strokes in the painting above felt like pulling back sheer curtains to see more clearly the window behind them. The view hasn't changed - it is just more clear. 



The Uses of Sorrow

Someone I loved once gave me 
a box full of darkness. 
It took me years to understand 
that this, too, was a gift." 

- Mary Oliver


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