Thursday, December 18, 2008

A good day, indeed

"Snowy morning." Oil on cradled wood, 12x12. sold

Wednesday was a great day! A successful day in my crusade to sell a painting a day.

First off, it was just a lovely, pretty day. A wet snow had fallen overnight, and the day's warmth melted it, gradually, and I was able to paint this picture - from inside the house!

I know - what's the big deal?

Well, I just don't paint the outdoors when I am indoors. I make pet paintings. I finish and adjust plein-air stuff. From time to time I try abstract work. But this is the first outdoor painting I've made while warm and toasty and inside the house. A new experience for me.

I still prefer being IN the landscape. I like smelling the wind, breathing the air, hearing the sounds. But it was nice to be warm, I admit.

So the day started well, and went uphill from there. A stranger - a young woman from Ohio, I am told by Noah's Curator Trowbridge Cottrell - bought one of my paintings. Took it right off the wall of the restaurant and headed off with it, to the midwest!

And then, this: A friend emailed me about a painting he'd like to buy for friends of his. Well, that was surely exciting! This is what I've been all about, this Christmas season. Buy it from ME, instead of from Macy's. I mean, how much better is that for everybody? And if you've already bought your presents, speak up to anyone and everyone. The next time someone says: "I don't know what to get for ...," you say, "Hey! I know what you should get for him!"

Here was someone, doing exactly that. I was thrilled. So I wrote back, to let him know how excited I was, and also to tell him that I was willing to negotiate, if the $200 price on the painting was too steep.

No, he said, it wasn't too steep. In fact, it wasn't enough, he said. The painting was worth more than that. How about $300, he asked.

Now, how's that for a day?

So see more of my work, go to Also, check out my Etsy store at There are only two paintings on there now, but there will be more!

And thank you for reading.

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