Monday, December 22, 2008


First snow, oil on cradled panel, 12x12. Sold.

So my first eBay auction is over. This painting (click on it! I think I've solved the size issue!) went to Steve Blust, a friend and another refugee from journalism. I very nearly worked with him, in the lovely town of Beaufort, South Carolina. In the end, it was just too far from home, though I could tell it would have been good. Steve was one of a very few potential employers interested in me after my job in New York was eliminated; I will be forever grateful to him for that - and for buying my first eBay auction effort.

Friends, you friends, many of you got out there and bid on my painting, and that's great. Thank you! And so, yes, the piece went for a song, but so what? It will have a good home, whether Steve keeps it or gives it away. And the point is, I started something that, for me, is new. A new market, a new challenge, a new set of tasks to be mastered.

How great is that?

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MHFiler said...

You rock!!! Congratulations on your first sell and to lucky Steve, its a great piece!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks for that, Michelle, and for your eBay expertise, too. And for getting the ball started on the bidding!