Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Change in the Weather

Rhode Island Turf Farm. Oil on stretched canvas, 10x10

Finally, after about a million days of rain, the sun came out. I drove my little old paint-stained Miata through the brilliant day. Yes, I shivered a little, but who cares? It was sunny, it was May, the world was green, the day was big and broad and open.

It was, however, too cold and windy to paint at the beach, so I turned inland and found myself in what I consider a quintessential Rhode Island landscape - the turf farms along Route 2 in West Kingston.

The land stretches out, flat and unbroken, for about as far as you can see. It's all different shades of green, and above it, the sky is enormous. I know Rhode Island is the Ocean State, and I know how environmentally unsound turf farms are, but still, I'd cast a vote for renaming Rhode Island the Turf State.

On a different note, one of my paintings was accepted into the South County Art Association's regional juried show. All three of Peter's photographs were accepted! I am happy for him, but happier for myself, really. It's been a long, long string of rejections. As one friend in a similar situation said, "I guess I can put away the pills and razor blades..."

Thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

I love this. I am drawn to the lines of the farm which leads my eye to the horizon. Great job!

carrie jacobson said...

Sheila, you have an astute eye indeed. That little farm is so teeny, I'm amazed you could see it. Thank you, as always, for your comment and your wonderful support.

loriann signori said...

Congratulations on your recent acceptance! Your turf farm really feels like spring!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Loriann! I'm not happy with that painting today, and am going to head back up there as soon as I can.