Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Edge of the Dark

The Edge of the Dark
Oil on canvas, 20x60, $1,200

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if you are interested in buying this painting
I drove along the reservoir near dusk the other night. The water had not quite frozen over, though it was close. The land, in fingers of blue and purple, crept back into a haze on the far horizon. Wind blew over the ice and it seemed that the land might never be warm again.

I've showed this painting to three people whose opinions I trust. One said it made her feel cold and sad. One liked it - but, given the chance to try it at home, declined. The other loved it, and is thinking of buying it, but has not committed yet.

It is a big painting, and it is stark, but it has colors and hope, too. Here's a detail of the bluff on the right of the painting:

I get tired of winter, I do. And as I grow older, I get tired of it more quickly. But I will never tire of the way the big, broad swaths of snow magnify reactions and response and emotions. A glorious sunrise seems ever more glorious over a snow-covered field, a desolate dusk even more lonely over a frozen reservoir.

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