Saturday, January 30, 2010

Piece of My Heart

Piece of My Heart
Oil on canvas, 16x20, $300
It's hard to tell from this photograph, but this painting has a luminous quality that I can't seem to transmit on the computer, no matter how many times I photoshop it. Ah, well. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

I've been painting dogs and cats and dogs like crazy these past few days. Painting so much that the absurd, Maine-like cold has barely touched me. Tomorrow I frame, and attach wires and do my best to catalog my paintings for the all-animal show at the Lighthouse Gallery in Groton. Tomorrow, too, I will get out and put up posters!

Last night, the full moon rose, yellow and clear and brilliant in the icy air. That moon shone on the snow and cast shadows, and seemed lighted from inside.  It was such a winter moon, it warmed and chilled me at the same time.

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Unknown said...

This is glorious Carrie! I just love the deep rich colors, the strong bold curve and the message. Bravo!