Monday, February 8, 2010

One Sam, Two Sam

Good Sam II
Oil on canvas, 30x30, $800; you can buy Good Sam I and II for $1,200
Good Sam I
Oil on canvas, 30x30, $800; $1,200 for Good Sam I and Good Sam II together

Good Sam paintings
Late Thursday afternoon, I dropped by the Lighthouse Gallery to give a final look at "Places & Pets," and see if curator Chris Rose had any questions or problems.

The show looked great - but there was an open place on the wall above Chris's desk area, right next to Good Sam I.

Did I have another painting? Well, not a big one that I was willing to sell.

So Chris gave me a challenge. Days earlier, he and I had been talking about the power and delight of painting fast, and he turned to me and asked if I could make another painting.

I took him up on it.

All along, I'd envisioned the Sam paintings as a pair. I mean, everybody needs a pair of giant oil paintings of a Samoyed, right?

So, on Friday morning, after a nearly sleepless Thursday night, I went out to the studio painted Good Sam II.

The pieces look great together! They are just about the happiest paintings I've ever made. And they were a wonderful omen for the opening.

It was a festive show, a true celebration, filled with family and friends - and strangers! There were children, teens, a dog, friends from my childhood and from this new life.

Carden Holland, the marvelous artist who was the "Places" part of the show, had not shown in years and years. Practically her whole family came to the opening, which made it even more special. We have many friends in common, and many of them came to support and celebrate us.
I'd like to say it was a high-selling opening, but it wasn't; still, it was wonderful, and I had the chance, again and again, to watch as people saw, and connected, and engaged with my paintings. And that's a huge, huge thrill!

If you came to the opening, thank you. If you couldn't make it, don't worry. The show will be up until the end of the month. Click here for directions and hours.


Unknown said...

Wow!!! I love Sam to the second power but I am so happy with the thoughts of this show of yours. Make sure you post lots of photos for us please!

carrie jacobson said...

Oh, thank you so very much! I have a few pix from the opening, and will go back today and take shots of the gallery without lots of people... hope you are well, xoxo

get zapped said...

Beautiful! I had a dog named Sammy growing up - he was the greatest!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Zapped! This one is a great dog, too - happy and undemanding and amusing.