Saturday, February 27, 2010

Indiana Revisited

Indiana Revisited
Oil on canvas, 8x24, $150

Here's how random these trips of mine have been. On my way home from Arizona in April,  in Indiana, I saw a sign for a town called Holland.

I have a friend (my fellow exhibitor at the show at the Lighthouse Gallery) named Carden Holland. I like her a lot, and so I thought I'd find something good to paint in a town that shared her name.

Sure enough, I did. Here's my original painting:

It was a warm day, and wildflowers were blooming on the edge of the drainage ditch. An old house perched at the top of a rise, beyond strips of yellow and brick flowers. To the west, a storm moved in, with rain visible, and thunder audible, far in the distance.

I've always liked this original painting, though I felt it never quite met its potential. So I hauled it out the other day and, using my palette knife, went over it again. Repainted it, pulling up some colors, pushing down others and generally increasing the width and breadth and depth of everything in the painting. It's something I've done a couple times before, and it's an interesting experiment. Plus, I ended up with a painting that I really love!

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