Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Oil on canvas, 10x20
Please email me at carrieBjacobson@gmail.com for price and shipping info!

This weekend, I read part of a book.

That doesn't sound like much, does it, but it was huge for me. I haven't read a book, or even a page of a book, since September 2010, when I began working for Patch. I have done my job, I have painted, I have spent moments with my husband and family, and I have fallen into exhausted, dreamless sleep.

Oh, at the beginning, I tried. For months, I kept by my bedside a book by Martha Grimes that Peter had given me for my 2010 birthday. After I read the same three paragraphs about 45 times, and remembered not a single word, I just gave up.

This weekend, away in a place with no cell phone and no internet, I read. I made this painting, I cooked, I talked and walked and laughed with my husband and daughter and son-in-law. I played with the dogs, I saw friends, I slept well - and I read.

It was great. It felt like knowing again, for a weekend at least, who I am. It was a pleasure and a luxury. It was a homecoming.

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Seip Fine Art said...

Oh Carrie, it is amazing how quickly we can forget about ourselves while getting caught in an uncaring loop of the daily living, and even more amazing is how taking some time to tend to one's own Spirit can be so nourishing and yet so simple. I'm happy for you, my friend!