Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty
Oil on canvas, 24x28
Please contact me for price and shipping info

For the first time in ages - since my vacation at the end of October, really - I had nearly a whole day with virtually nothing required of me.

It was snowing like blazes, and was quiet and pretty outside. And yes, it was cold inside. Even though there's heat in the studio, it's usually chilly up there in the winter. I'd painted outside, though, a day earlier, and found myself chilled absolutely to the bone... So, everything is relative. (That painting, of the reservoir early in the morning, as Friday's snowstorm was lifting, is a real beauty. I'll be posting it soon!)

I've been having great fun expanding my range of animal subjects. I will have the window at Center  Framing and Art in West Hartford Center in the middle of February, and I hope to have a variety of animals on display there, along with sunflowers and rainbow sunflowers, too!

Hope you are all cozy and warm on this brisk winter's day!