Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Oil on canvas

The Berkshires show was a total financial bust for me. Over three loooong days of the show, not one painting sold. Not One. Ouch.

But I met some delightful people, including jeweler Cynthia Battista, who makes fascinating pieces in different kinds of metal and stone (click here to check out her work at OldstoneStudio.net); printmaker Leslie Peebles, who makes fantastical prints of nature and animals (click here to check out lesliepeebles.com); and James Takaki, who makes metal garden ornaments in his Iron Arts studio in Vermont (click here to check out Ironartstudio.com). Below, there's a video of James talking about what he did with a big bag of money he earned at a show in Montana.

And I got some insights, too. James thinks that shows like this one, outside of urban centers, are just on the skids. Cynthia characterized the (very few) people who came to this show as "Martha Stewart" types, who are clearly not looking for my rough, vivid paintings or her unique, strong pieces. Peter says it's his theory that, at least in New England, the farther the show is from the coast, the less chance I have of selling.

I don't have theories yet. I am listening, and watching, and thinking. Do you have a theory? I'd love to hear it!


This weekend, I am at Olde Mystick Village, in Mystic, CT, for the Meet the Artists show. It's a small show, and includes the fabulous and fun painter Ronet Noe, the oddly humorous Greg Stones, work by show promoter Denise Morris Curt - and many more. I hope you'll come by, if you're in the area. It's Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and it will be fun! 

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