Friday, August 3, 2012

Millwrights Restaurant!

Four of my five paintings in Millwrights! 

Well, it turns out the restaurant folks didn't buy 11 paintings - but they bought five! And they look fabulous up on the wall in the very lovely Millwrights restaurant in Simsbury, CT.

The restaurant is a treat for the eyes and I would bet good money that it is a treat for the taste buds as well.

It is narrow and high-roofed, with lots of wood and an earthy but high-flown feel. One entire wall is glass, looking out on a beautiful river and waterfall. The other wall is filled with my paintings. I couldn't get far enough away to get all five in the shot, but don't these four look wonderful?

I met chef/owner Tyler Anderson, who is very well known around Connecticut and nationally, too. In CT, he ran the famous and much beloved Copper Beech. And he won "Chopped," the TV show where chefs make delicious dishes out of incongruous ingredients.

He was as nice as he could be, despite the fact that it was several days before opening, and the chaos was just about overwhelming.

I also met maitre d' Brent Bushong, who was riding herd on the restaurant before Tyler got in that day. Brent was all angles and energy, seeming to know everything that was going on in minute detail.

These two could not have been more welcoming, taking time from their intensely busy days to shake my hand and tell me how much they love my paintings.

The restaurant focuses on inventive, sophisticated American food, locally sourced and fresh as possible. The value of local foods and local farms has long been a passion of mine, and so it makes me even happier that my paintings are hanging in a place with an ethic and a mission in which I believe.

So if you're looking for a delicious, interesting meal, go to Simsbury and check out Millwrights. And be sure to tell them how much you like my paintings!


If you're in western Connecticut this weekend, please come to the SoNo Arts Celebration in South Norwalk! I will be in Booth 448, on the plaza near the railroad overpass, at the intersection of Washington and North Main streets. I am excited about a new show in a new place - new for me! Please say hi if you come!

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