Friday, August 17, 2012


Oil on canvas, 12x12

I am often asked to donate work to charitable causes, and I am willing to donate 12 pieces a year. I can't give much money, and the Art for Shelter Animals Project is a little slow these days, but I still want to give of myself, and respond when asked.

Often, especially if there is an auction involved, I offer up a gift certificate for a pet portrait. Emma is one of these - and the first one where the owner has opted for a minimal kind of portrait, as opposed to one with tons of paint.

I've done a few of these. Here's one of Bert, my brother's bulldog, now deceased. Here's one of Gus, my first dog, now deceased. I like these, I love these actually! But it's scary to do them.

This weekend, I am at the Mt. Gretna Art Festival in Mt. Gretna, PA. I have heard that this is a fabulous show for painters. It's in a wooded park, which sounds fun, and apparently it draws a big crowd! The communication from the show's organizers has been spectacular, and I am excited by everything I've heard, and by the prospect of a new show in a new place. 

The following weekend, I'm at the Berkshires Art Festival, in the first year for an August show. It's at Butternut Basin, or Ski Butternut, or whatever it is called now. That sounds fun, too. 

And the weekend after that, Labor Day weekend, you can find me at the Meet the Artists show at Olde Mystick Village. 

This is a busy stretch, and I am loving it! 


Chelsea Kelly said...

I love the minimalist approach! Great job. I adore the eyes.

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks, Chelsea! I love the eyes, too. I really like doing these kinds of paintings, but they're scary. There's no covering up or scraping off bad strokes...