Thursday, August 16, 2012

Woody - and 100 Cubed

Oil on Canvas, 10x10

At long last, I've started a Carrie Jacobson Artist Facebook Page (click here to go there)  - and have put up all the 100 Cubed paintings I can find in my computer.

The 100 Cubed is a series of 100 10-inch-by-10-inch paintings that I'm selling for $100. Nearly all of them are plein-air pieces... I'm using them to focus myself, to experiment, and to loosen up!

According to myself (not the most reliable source), I have completed 57 of the 100. Well, 58, counting little Woody here, the terrorist tsar of Wachapreague. I normally wouldn't do a dog on a 10 by 10 canvas, but I was painting at the South Norwalk show, and all I had was 10 by 10 canvases!

My question for all of you, and my request, is: Please go to my facebook page, look at the 100 Cubed project, and let me know if there are paintings that you remember, or you own, that I've not posted! I would really appreciate it.

And while you are there, please like me. Oh, please, please like me.

Sheesh, what Facebook has done to us.


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