Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big Square Sunflowers!

 Big Square Sunflowers
Oil on canvas, 48x48

I'd planned to spend all of June painting, stocking up on beautiful, juicy pieces for the summer and fall shows. But I had Lyme disease in June, and in between packing and moving, I've been doing shows virtually every weekend since - and selling work, too! 

So I spent last week painting, solidly, pretty much from dawn to dusk, to get ready for Paradise City in Northampton (click here for info and discount tickets - the show continues through Monday! I am in the Morgan Barn II, Booth 415), for my upcoming show at the Lighthouse Gallery in Groton, CT (that show has an opening reception this Friday; click here for info on that wonderful gallery and my show with Ronet Noe), and for a show next weekend in Newport News, VA (click here for information on that show...)

I painted and painted and painted and PAINTED. Then Peter and I loaded the van with tons of art, much of it wet (talk about a challenge) - and I set off for New England. 

As I drove up the Delmarva Peninsula, watching the fields and the trees and the always gorgeous clouds in the astonishingly clear sky, I realized that I am happier than I've ever been. I miss my mom, and wish she were here to share all this. But I am free, I am creating beautiful art, I am meeting wonderful people, and I am working hard and well. 

I am blessed, indeed. 

Here's my booth in Northampton! 

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