Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Come to the Lighthouse Gallery Opening!

Whose Boat This Is, I Do Not Know
Oil on canvas, 30x30
This painting is one of my new ones that will be on display through mid-November at the Lighthouse Gallery on Long Hill Road in Groton - and you're invited to the opening! It is Friday, from 5-8 p.m. The show includes paintings by me, and paintings by the fabulous Ronet Noe.

Ronet and I met at Center Framing and Art in West Hartford Center. Lori Chozik, who runs Center Framing, likes our work and does a great job showing and selling it in West Hartford Center. Ronet and I have painted together on the sidewalk in front of the store a few times, and have been in outdoor art shows together. This will be our first two-woman gallery show!

Ronet makes cool paintings in which the subject matter is often built up from the canvas with papier mache (I think - or something else) - and then she paints over the raised part of the design. So the limbs of a tree might be rounded like the limbs of a tree. A chicken might stick up an inch or two from the canvas, and then be flecked with bumps and feathery patches. One of my favorites has donuts rising  - and they are pretty much the size of donuts. Fun!

At any rate, since I am not living here, the opening will be a good chance to say hi, in addition to showing my new work. And the commissions on any paintings that sell will go to support the Lighthouse Vocational-Education Center programs, and that's fantastic.

Please come!


The Paradise City show in Northampton was very kind to me. I did well in the show itself. Most of my sales were of the 10x10 paintings, but Back on Marlin Lane also sold, and the person who bought it really, really loves it. That makes me very happy.

During the show, I met a couple who fell in love with my sunflower painting, and they have commissioned me to do a large custom piece for their amazing living room! And I got a call from a person who saw my sunflower painting in the Neptune Festival, and that person wants a custom piece also!

This is great not only for the income, but also for the opportunity. I am honored to make paintings for people's specific rooms. It's such a joy to know at the beginning that my painting will have a home in a particular place.

Here's the flyer from our show! 

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