Monday, October 28, 2013

Chloe and Roxie - and a Successful Art/Yard Sale

 Chloe and Roxie, both 12x12 commissions, live together and are the best of friends. 

Want a painting of your pet? Check the pet-portrait page on Jacobson Arts

I've been really enjoying my time here in Wachapreague. It's a pleasure to work my way through commissions that have been waiting for me, and to have the time to go out in this beautiful fall weather and paint this landscape that I love. 


MY DAILY PAINTWORKS auctions end Tuesday at 8 p.m. Two 10x10 paintings are up for sale. 

Click here to bid on October Afternoon (minimum bid $85) and here to bid on "Autumn's Best of Cheer," which currently has a $90 bid.  You can also click on the Daily Paintworks auction icon just to the right of this blog post! 


THIS PAST WEEKEND,  Wachapreague held the first of what it hopes will be the annual yard sale and art show. The plan at first was that Peter would do the yard sale and I would set my art up in the town park, but in the end, I set up my art in the driveway, along with the yard sale, and that was fine. Three paintings sold - one a new one, and two old ones on deep discount - and that's better than I did at some shows this summer. On top of that, we transferred a tremendous amount of our junk to other people. And best of all, we met lots of neighbors. 

Dog of the Day

This is Tamara Gonda's old girl, Flossie. These days, Flossie, who is 14,
 is having trouble getting up and down (who isn't?). But she loves her walks, 
and you can tell from looking at her that she's a wonderful old dog. 

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