Friday, January 10, 2014

Cutting In - and Heading Out (Soon!)

Cutting In
Oil on canvas, 30x30
please email me at for price and availability

Five days until I leave for California! And I think I have seven days' worth of work to do between now and then. It will get done or it won't, and it will all shake out the right way, I'm sure. 

If you're considering sponsoring me, there is still time, and there are still slots left. And you know I'd love to have you along for the ride! Click here to go to the sponsor-me page on the Jacobson Arts website. 

I've built in some extra travel time, just in case the weather is bad - it's been pretty awful for most of the winter so far. This time, I'm driving straight out, and starting to paint once I get there. I am very excited! 

Can you see spring? It's not the field - that's winter wheat, I think, or clover... something they grow down here in the winter. But I'm seeing the small branches of trees starting to turn red.
 It's the first sign of spring! 

Here's my friend Catherine Lenoci with her dog, Georgia. They're standing in front of "Winter's First Snow." Catherine sent me a photo of the first snow of the year in Connecticut, and I made the painting, 
and she bought it. How's that for perfect? 

Dogs of the Day

Aren't these great-looking dogs? I love them! But I can't remember their names, or who sent them to me. If it's you, I do apologize! And if it IS you, would you please drop me an email 
so that I can correct my deficient memory? 

And while you're at it, please explain what that pink thing is that's framing the dogs' faces. Thank you! 

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