Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lonesome on the Trail - and Stormy on the Eastern Shore

Lonesome on the Trail
Oil on canvas, 20x20
Please email me at for price and availability

I was in my studio yesterday afternoon, finishing my final cowboy painting before I start packing the van, when a Weather Channel alert popped up on the phone. 

"Severe thunderstorm warning" for Wachapreague, until 4:30. It was about 10 after 4. 

About a minute after the alert, the sky grew dark, and the wind picked up. And then the sky got darker and darker and darker, and the wind got stronger and stronger and bigger and louder - and the rain began absolutely pelting down. Pinecones banged explosively into the roof and sides of the studio. The wind flung branches down onto the roof. The day grew black, absolutely near-nighttime dark, and the power flickered off and then back on. 

Honestly, it was scary. I'm sure I should have gone into the house, and next time I will - though by the time I realized this, it would have been dangerous to cross the yard, the way those pinecones were smashing down. So I stayed in the studio, got as far away from the windows as possible, and waited for it to pass. And it did. 

Later that evening, I found out that there had been tornado watches and warnings, and sightings of what might have been tornados or waterspouts throughout the area! 


SATURDAY WAS A BIG DAY for sponsorships for my upcoming California Calling Painting Extravaganza, with three more coming in! Yay! 

Now, the sponsorship list looks like this:

Sarah Scott
Pat Hart
Heather MacLeod
Kathryn Yamartino
Candy and Jeff Buebendorf
Judy Beisler
Sherry Svec
Nancy Russell
Paul Scott
Richard and Mari Hook
Don and Paula Cooper
Catherine Lenoci
Mike and Jill Knaack
Joe Skelly
Sara Harley
Andrew Graham
Rose Dittus & Michael Vincitore
Patrick Gallagher

There's plenty of time to sponsor me, if you'd like. Click here to go to the Sponsor Me page on the Jacobson Arts website

I am still planning on setting out on Wednesday for California! 

THE DOGS I FEATURED as Dogs of the Day in my most recent post  - after forgetting who sent them to me, what their names are, or where they live, sigh - are Brutus and Bella. They belong to the son and daugher-in-law of Joe Keller, Heather MacLeod's husband. 

The pink structure holding them in is, as an impressive number of you knew, a Little Tykes Kitchen. Heather says, "It serves as a jail gate when the dogs are banished to the real kitchen because they peed on the floor when company came."

 It's great to have dogs, isn't it? 

Dog of the Day 

Yes, I am a sucker for dogs waiting for their humans to come home. This is Big Head, a dog about town here in Wachapreague. You've got to love a dog whose name is Big Head, right?

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