Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rooster No. 1 - and Thoughts on Showing Paintings

Rooster No. 1

A friend who reads the blog suggested that perhaps I'd enjoy painting roosters. So I gave it a shot - and I have to say, this was an incredibly FUN painting to make. I had a blast! And I love the painting, too.  I'm going to try more roosters - including really big ones and really small ones. 

SPEAKING OF SMALL,  I'm planning something new for the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival, Aug. 9-10 (next weekend!) in Mystic, CT. If I can get my tent set up right - which is always a challenge - I'm going to put up a "smalls wall," a whole panel of paintings that are $100 or less. So stop by and check it out and let me know what you think. I'll be at the corner of Willow and Main, across the street from the post office, and right by the bagel place. 

I GET A FEW email newsletters in my inbox every day. They bring me news and ideas and inspiration, and I think that's important, especially when you live in a teeny town on an isolated, rural peninsula. 

One that I received this week suggested that posting all my paintings on my blog and/or Facebook, and in particular, posting paintings that are in varying stages of doneness, was not a great idea. In fact, this writer said, it was a bad idea, and would "weaken (my) brand." 

Ooooh, I thought, on first reading. He's special, important, powerful, has a newsletter - and so he must be right! I'm doing it all wrong! 

And then I began to disagree with that initial assessment. Just because this guy said it, it doesn't mean he's right. I show and sell nearly all of my paintings. I'm not posting weak, bad paintings, because I'm not making weak, bad paintings. 

More to the point, I think, you all are interested in the process. Many of you have been with me from the start, and have watched and participated, bought my paintings, supported me financially and spiritually and emotionally from the start. Many of you were here when I left newspapers originally and took my first painting trip - to Wisdom, Montana - and you stayed through that first year, through my time at Patch, and through the final wrench from corporate work to self-employment liberation. 

So I'm going to keep posting pretty much everything I paint. I'm going to keep showing paintings on the easel, paintings in progress, paintings that I'm contemplating finishing in a different way. And I'm going to keep appreciating all of you readers and buyers, all your support and encouragement. I couldn't do this without you. 

Dog of the Day

It's Daisy, cousin to Heather MacLeod's dog Gypsy.
 I love the look in this girl's face! 


Sara said...

I am very glad you are going to ignore that advice! I really enjoy seeing your paintings in process and reading about your musings and challenges. I believe it gives people a personal connection to both you and your art. Idea: is it possible to post a photo of your "smalls wall" during or after your event? It would give the people who are unable to visit your shows a chance to purchase as well.

carrie jacobson said...

thanks for the support, Sara! And for the idea of posting a photo of the "small" wall. I will do it!

Rachel Parent said...

I've read those newsletters too! I don't see anything wrong with posting your work, where would artists be if they couldn't share their process with their fans? Keep posting your paintings, I enjoy them immensely!

carrie jacobson said...

Thanks so much, Rachel. I am sure that for some people, it's good advice - maybe! I am really glad you enjoy my paintings, in all stages.