Monday, December 15, 2014

Autumn in Tennessee - and a Change in the Palette

Autumn in Tennessee
Oil on canvas, 10x10, $100
Please email me if you'd like to buy this painting! 

I'm in the middle of collecting an inventory of all the paintings I made in 2014. I'm up to June, and I'm in the 75-80 range. I have a whole bunch in a folder on my desktop that I haven't posted, and it's time to get busy with that! 

So here is one from November in Tennessee. The air was clear and yellow, and though the morning had been chilly, the afternoon bloomed with sudden warmth and brilliant color. I got off the highway and painted this, and then managed to get dreadfully lost. But I made it home. 

The paint on the yellow tree in the center is very thick, very bright. The tree shimmers in my painting just as it did on the side of the road there. I like this one. 

Sometimes I think I like autumn best of all. 

THERE'S REALLY NOTHING nothing I'd rather do than paint, and with each painting, I think I learn something. I try to try something new with each one, even if it's something small - and then I pay attention to see how that thing changes the painting, my outlook, the outcome. 

I listened to an online talk yesterday, and one idea that came up was that to save time, you should arrange your palette so that the colors you use most are closest to you. It might be only a fraction of a second that you save, but those fractions add up. So I did. It was a bit alarming to have a different arrangement of colors - but it made me think about them all anew. Interesting. 

And yes, I have thought about using fewer colors. Every once in a while, I do. But I love having all these colors! Love it! 

Dog of the Day

Here's Patch, the kitty who lives with the wonderful woman 
who cuts my hair. Patch is a riot! A smart, funny cat, 
Patch amuses me every time I visit.  
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