Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Do - And Good Ideas for Presents!

"I Do"
Oil on canvas, 16x20

I had planned to finish all my commissions in November, and then take the month of December to relax, visit with friends and family, and experiment with some new approaches, some new content. Launch my people project. Start on paintings for a children's book a friend has written. Pursue some other ideas - make paintings that might eventually be for sale, but are not necessarily intended for sale. This, I'm finding, is a luxury. Who would have expected it? 

Being sick for three weeks in November and early December really upset my plans. I still am working on commissions. I'm still mailing paintings away. I'm already planning paintings for the spring shows, and for galleries that really want new work - work that right now, I just don't have. 

But I took time over the past few days to make this painting, one of a series of paintings of people at specific moments in life, some big, like this one, but most small. 

I saw this scene on a hot day in July, at the courthouse in Accomack. I pulled the car over and took a bunch of photos. Though I didn't even attempt the camouflage material, I hope you can tell that the groom is a soldier or a sailor. In my mind, I imagined him about to go off to to boot camp, or off to his boat, young and strong and just married. 

Still looking for that perfect Christmas present? 

BUY A PAINTING! Check out the available paintings on my website, jacobson arts.  If you find something you like, there's still time to get it in the mail. And I'm happy to make you a gift certificate in any amount you'd like. 

CALIFORNIA CALLING BOOK! It's 54 pages long, and starts at $22.79 for softcover. I got a note from Blurb this morning offering discounts, too. If you buy two books, use the code 2PLUS, and get 20 percent off. Three or more, use the code 5PLUS and get 30 percent off. These offers are good through Dec. 19. Click here! 

CALIFORNIA CALLING CALENDAR! They're 12 months, and $12.99 on Lulu. Each month showcases a painting from my California Calling Painting Extravaganza. It's fun and really pretty. Click here! 

SPONSORSHIPS! My next painting trip takes place in February, and will bring me back to where I spent the first months of my life - For Defiance, AZ. The town is on the Navajo Reservation in the northeast corner of the state, a gorgeous, amazing area that will be a rich painting subject. Sponsorships start at $50, and go as high as you'd like. Click here for more info and to choose a sponsorship. If you give one as a gift, I'll make you a nice gift certificate that you can print and give. 


The woman who bought this painting from me had been looking for a painting for that spot for years. It's the first thing you see when you walk into her house. I am honored that my painting is hanging in this special spot. 

Dog of the Day
Who would guess that this sweet-looking cat is a warrior? 

Last night, Abby (below), who weighs 70 lbs and stands 3 feet high, snapped at Puffy, the sweet-looking cat above. Puffy, who had been sitting on the arm of the couch, jumped off. She ran about 4 feet away, sat down and licked her paw, then jumped back up on the arm of the couch and proceeded to hiss and spit at Abby, and was going to attack her, until Peter stopped it. I was laughing too hard. 

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