Friday, December 26, 2014

December Longhorn - and Erica's Wonderful Pet Portraits

December Longhorn
Oil on black canvas, 16x20

After a bout of indecision with a cowscape I made earlier in December , I decided to try another cowscape, and plan from the start to leave the canvas black. So here is December Longhorn, staring out of that darkness at you. I really like the expression on his face, and all the colors there, and on his hide, too. 

The black canvases continue to interest me. They change everything! What do you think? 

LAST YEAR, at a show in Chattanooga, I met a lovely couple who really responded to my paintings. They bought two of them, and when I delivered them to their house, I found that Erica was not only a painter, but also a palette knife painter. 

We clicked immediately, and over the year, I've watched her painting grow and develop. She does beautiful landscapes (I have one!) - and wonderful, fun pet portraits. She gave me permission to share them here. 

If any of you would like to find out more about Erica, or talk to her about a pet portrait, please click here to email me, and I'll get you in touch with her. 

Dog of the Day 

This is a lurcher (? who knew?) whom I met at a show this summer. Love her eyes! 

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